Ethically sourced, premium, fresh seafood.
Straight from the Fish Market to your plate.

Wholesale Fish from Andrew McDicken

Our passionate, knowledgeable staff are able to draw on 90+ years of experience to bring you the finest in wholesale seafood.

In order to maintain our reputation as one of the premier fish suppliers in the Scotland, our team works round the clock to ensure our product is market fresh and locally sourced, providing ethical and sustainable service at wholesale prices – the benefits are passed on to you. 

Consistency of product is of paramount importance for us at Andrew McDicken – as we know it is to you – and refrigerated transport ensures that our fish arrive at their destination as fresh as can be.

With four generations of expertise to call upon, we at Andrew McDicken are proud of our heritage and our ability to continuously prove ourselves to be one of the most respected fish wholesalers in Scotland.We have built excellent relationships with businesses around the country. 

As a fish wholesaler, we supply fish to:

Fish and Chip Shops 

Our hand cut angel haddock, luxurious cod and range of frozen products are the staples of many a Scottish chippy. 

Restaurants and Cafes

We supply eateries nationwide with a range of the freshest and best quality seafood products.

Institutions (ie Schools, Hospitals)

We provide the finest in breaded, partially cooked fish across Scotland, ready to be cooked from frozen.

Our staff are our biggest asset at Andrew McDicken and we strive to ensure consistent quality of service and product from placing an order to transit to our top of the range after sale service.

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